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Carpool Information

Please consider car pooling when participating in group hikes in the Catskills. Three of the seven principles of Leave No Trace are followed by Car Pooling:

  • Plan Ahead and Prepare – Car pooling saves gasoline and car emissions, and extends parking opportunities

  • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces – Minimizing parking at constructed trail head lots reduces roadside parking and resultant erosion and damage to the environment

  • Be Considerate of Other Visitors – Having your Group Hike take up minimal parking slots ensures that all hikers have a space to park, especially in the very small or very busy parking lots.


When car pooling, always respect private property, commercial parking lot customers, and village/town parking ordinances. Obtain permission to park on private, commercial or local municipal properties.

Spots along the Route 28 Corridor

Mileage From Park-n-Ride
GPS Coordinates
Exit 19 Thruway Park-n-Ride Kingston
41.56505, -74.01639
Huge lot, many spaces
A, B, C
On Right – Catskill Visitor Center, Information Kiosk pulloff
42.03150, -74.17465
Park in spaces (please not on grass). The upper lot is also available. Gate doesn't close in the evenings. Parking OK any time.
A, C, D
On Right – DOT Parking Area
42.03150, -74.17465
Large area, room for numerous cars
A, C, D
On Right – Phoenicia Village
42.04797, -74.18570
Village/Street Parking, Shops, Food, Supplies
A, C, D
On Left – Route 28 DOT Pullout Esopus Access
42.05525, -74.20010
Large Pullout
A, C, D
On Right - Sawmill Lot Access
42.06059, -74.20672
Medium Size Lot, Off Road
A, C, D
On Left – DOT Parking Area
42.07055, -74.22565
Large area, room for numerous cars
A, C, D, E
On Right – DOT Parking Area
42.06939, -74.24743
Large area, room for numerous cars
A, C, D, E
On Left – Big Indian Park
42.06190, -74.26685
Large Lot – If Town events may be crowded
A, C, D, E
On Left – Belleayre Beach
42.07630, -74.28249
Seasonal Parking, With Fee, No off-season parking
A, B, C, D, E
On Left – Belleayre Ski Area, NY Olympic Authority/ NYSDEC Parking
42.08.856, -74.29680
Extensive huge lots throughout the facility
On Right – Exit off Route 28 to Fleishmans
42.09078, -74.31195
Village Parking Lot at town entrance. Good for Vly and Bearpen

Code Notes & Suggestions

Code A: Good for all trailheads along Route 28 corridor, and northern trailheads along Route 23, 23A, 214 and 42 corridors


Code B: Good for Peekamoose trailhead limited parking on Route 42/Peekamoose Road. Also limited parking for Tremper Mountain Route 40 and Jessup Road. Also small parking area on Moonhaw Road for Friday and Balsam Cap Mountains bushwhack. NOTE: Respect private land holdings at the end of and along Moonhaw Road


Code C: Good for all trailheads and connector route corridors north of Boiceville


Code D: Especially convenient for very limited parking areas at Lost Clove trailhead, and McKinley (aka McKenley) Hollow (Balsam and Eagle Mts.). Useful for large but very crowded parking areas at Giant Ledge/Panther and Slide Mts.


Code E: Especially convenient for small parking areas at Rider Hollow (Balsam and Eagle Mts.), Seager (Eagle, Big Indian Mts.), and Mill Brook Road (Balsam Lake Mt.) NOTE: Doubletop and Graham Mountains are privately owned and closed to all hikers. Good for very limited parking for southern approach to Vly and Bearpen Mts.





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