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Michael Bongar


Lori Herpen

Vice President

Colin DeVries


Christopher Hummel


Board Members
Director Emeritus

Mike Doehring

Director Emeritus

Non-voting Members

Lyn Walker

Assistant CMSAR Chair

Chris Adams

Assistant to the Membership Chair

Committee Chairs

Michael Bongar and Mike Doehring

Annual Dinner Co-Chairs

Chris Adams

Aspirants Chair

Christopher Hummel

Assistant Treasurer

Jim Bouton

Canister Maintenance Chair

Jake Haisley

Catskill Mountain Search & Rescue Chair

Lori Herpen

Finance Chair

Michael Bongar and Colleen Hardcastle

Fundraising Co-Chairs

David White

Membership Chair

Jack Walker

Newsletter Editor

Julie McGuire and Colin Devries

Newsletter Co-Chairs

Dick Vincent

New York New Jersey Trail Conference Representative

Yanny Hecht

Outings Chair

Christina DePinto & Maria Orchard

Outings Assistants

Julie McGuire and Lori Herpen

Social Media Co-Chairs

Jim Bouton and Maria Bedo-Calhoun

Stewardship & Conservation Co-Chairs

Lourdes Sonera

Trail Maintenance Chair

Lourdes Sonera & Colleen Hardcastle

Trail Steward Program Co-Chairs

Jack Walker


Maria Bedo-Calhoun

Website Chair

Sharon Klein

Winter Weekend Chair

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