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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a winter tally sheet?
    There is no official winter tally sheet. You may use the regular one and note “WINTER” on it under "Membership Type."
  • When am I considered a member?
    You become a “Member” when you submit a completed Tally Sheet of your climbs. You must climb all the peaks on the official list, currently 33. In addition, the four winter peaks need to be climbed twice – at least once in winter – for a total of 37 peaks. For Club purposes, winter is December 21st through March 21st, regardless of the solar calendar. Those four, and any other peaks climbed in winter, may be counted for the winter patch. The application fee of $5 gets you a card, letter, patch, and certificate. If you are not a current “aspirant,” you must pay the $10 annual dues with your application--or pay $200 for a life membership. Your accomplishment is celebrated at the annual dinner.
  • How can I communicate with other members?
    You can subscribe to our email discussion group (which is not to be used for commercial purposes): . Hiking related questions and answers are welcome. There is also a Facebook Group, the "Official Catskill 3500 Club Community."
  • How do I get started?
    Aspiring members of the Club should subscribe to the Canister and are welcome to join the Club hikes listed therein. There is an “Aspirant” subscription on our Dues Page for this purpose.  Keep accurate records of your climbs on the “Tally Sheet."
  • How will I be listed in the Canister and website?
    Select how you would like your name to appear – formal or familiar – in each of the following places: card, letter, listing in Canister, certificate, and website. You may want your formal name on the certificate, but be listed as your friends know you.
  • Can I climb them all in winter?
    There is no “Winter Only” - you can’t get a winter patch without first qualifying for the regular patch. You must climb the four twice – they can both be in winter. The winter fee is also $5 and gets you a patch, letter, and certificate.
  • Can I submit my own version of the tally sheet?
    There are many acceptable methods for keeping track of your hikes. This site offers a downloadable spreadsheet, a fillable PDF, and an online form on our Membership Page. You are also welcome to submit a journal or spreadsheet along with the standard tally sheet. You could write “See attached” in the list of peaks.
  • What/When is the annual dinner?
    The dinner is the annual gathering for the 3500 Club, where membership certificates are rewarded. Look for and submit your reservation form as soon as it is available. We have been reaching capacity in recent years. Traditionally, the dinner was scheduled soon after the end of winter. Recently, it has been held in the summer at an outside venue.
  • What is Winter Weekend?
    Winter Weekend is the annual winter gathering for members and aspirants of the Club. Hikes are hosted throughout the weekend and a gathering is held on Saturday night.
  • Do I need to fill out the “Remarks” / “Notes” on the Tally Sheet?
    Remarks noting good or bad hiking experiences will help in personalizing the congratulatory letter, as will selection of “Favorite,” etc. Whether you hiked solo or with a specific partner, or certain groups (such as our club), is also helpful. You could also note the starting/ending trailheads and “traverse” or “out and back.”
  • What if I want a second patch, or a decal?
    Members in good standing can download a dues form and purchase additional or a decal with their application, or at any time. They are also available at the annual dinner as well as Winter Weekend without shipping. Dues and subscriptions are on an annual basis. Currently, we are transitioning to renewing on an anniversary date. Current members can prorate the renewal to move away from calendar year.
  • How can I go on a Club hike?
    The schedule of hikes for the quarter are listed in the Canister, and hikers can sign up to request a spot on a hike on our Hike Schedule page. The hike leader will email you to confirm your spot or assess your eligibility for the hike. The hike leader will confirm your spot on the hike and provide you with an updated start time and location.
  • What other activities do members participate in?
    The Club maintains the Peekamoose and Table trails and several lean-tos, and has adopted a section of Route 214 for litter pickup. Participation in these activities is welcome and a service patch is available. In the summer and early fall, the Club participates in the DEC’s “Adopt-a-Trailhead” program.
  • Can I count climbs I made before registering as an Aspirant?
    Yes, you may use any prior climbs. If you can’t pinpoint an exact date, say so, and estimate the month/year. Hopefully, these would be at a minimum.
  • Can my dog be a member?
    Tally sheets for four legged companions are accepted and, with the proper fees, a letter and certificate can be prepared. However, they are not listed in the Canister or called out at the dinner.
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