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Hike Schedule

Registering for a Hike

Below is a list of all the Club's upcoming guided hikes. Hikes are led by dedicated, trained volunteer hike leaders. For more information on becoming a hike leader, reach out to the Outings Committee.


1. To sign up for a hike, complete the registration below. After you submit your registration, the hike leader will email you with some questions about your hiking experience to make sure that you are prepared for the upcoming hike. Then, the hike leader will confirm your spot on the hike. All hikers sign up for a hike on a conditional basis until approved by the hike leader.

2. The final time of the hike will be determined by the hike leader near the date of the hike. The hike time is based on a number of variable factors. Therefore, all hikes are listed as starting at 1 am. The hike leader will confirm the final hike start time near the hike date.

3. On hikes where a car shuttle is required, masks should be worn in the car if requested by another hiker.  Please make your preferences known ahead of time.

4)  Per the club's insurance policy, dogs are not permitted on official club hikes.

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